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After targeting Ubatcha, one of the most popular and prolific Genshin Impact leakers, publisher Cognosphere has several new targets on their radar. DMCA filings obtained by TorrentFreak reveal that users of the popular “House of Daena” Discord channel are among the targets

genshin-littleWith tens of millions of fans playing every month, Genshin Impact is a huge free-to-play success story.

While Genshin Impact publisher Cognosphere is undoubtedly enjoying this global attention, some groups of fans are taking their enthusiasm a little too far.

As revealed by TorrentFreak last December, Cognosphere is targeting gamers who leak Genshin Impact content to the public ahead of the company’s schedule.

A remarkable one the target of the Cognosphere was Ubatcha, a Genshin Impact leaker with an extremely high profile and wide fan base. Today we can reveal that Cognosphere has new alleged leaks on its radar.

DMCA lawsuits filed in US court

Filed yesterday in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California (San Francisco Division), four new DMCA lawsuits were filed pursuant to 17 US Code § 512(H).

This section of the Copyright Act allows a rights holder to obtain a subpoena to help identify an alleged infringement. All four DMCA lawsuits are directed at users who allegedly infringed Cognosphere’s copyright.

All were filed by Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP, the same Los Angeles law firm that previously targeted Ubatcha.

DMCA Subpoena #1 – Genshin Impact Leakers’ Group

Before filing these DMCA lawsuits, Cognosphere’s attorneys filed a copyright complaint with Discord requesting that several pieces of content be removed. The DMCA takedown notice in this case is dated January 11, 2023, and the lawsuit itself is dated January 12.

“It has come to our attention that many images and videos infringing Cognosphere’s copyrighted games are made available by the user ‘Linxian#0001’, via the Discord channel ‘原神内鬼爆料区’ (Genshin Impact Leakers’ Group),” message obey.


The example above is just one in a series of 11 screenshots, all depicting content that is allegedly infringing Discord.

The DMCA lawsuit filing is available hereDMCA Takedown Notice here (pdfs)

DMCA Lawsuits #2, #3, #4 Target “House of Daena”

The remaining three DMCA lawsuits are directed at users ofDaena’s house‘ Discord channel.

The general format of these applications is the same as the first targeted Genshin Impact Leakers Group. Similar copyright complaints were also filed with Discord to have the content removed.

house of daena - genshin impact

Three Discord users are affected: ‘LJ.#8200’, ‘M9G#3656’ and ‘rice cooker#9289’

In addition to removing the identified content, the DMCA notices indicate that it is also an option for Discord to remove or disable the entire channel.

Common to all four lawsuits

While the targeted Discord channels, the users, and the content they allegedly posted to those channels differ on a case-by-case basis, the overall purpose is the same.

“The petitioner, Cognosphere Pte. Ltd. (‘Cognosphere’) through its undersigned representative of
mail, hereby request that the Clerk of Court issue a subpoena to Discord, Inc. (‘Discord’) to identify the alleged infringements at issue, pursuant to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (‘DMCA’), 17 USC § 512(h), ” reads where and one.

Although they target different users, the proposed DMCA lawsuits against Discord are mostly the same in all four cases. They require Discord to provide information including “name, address, phone number, email address(es) and IP address or other information,” sufficient to identify the alleged infringer.

discord mood

At the time of writing, the court’s office has not yet signed the applications, meaning that Discord has yet to produce any documents. However, it is more than likely that the applications will be approved today or in the coming days. At that point, Discord must follow.

Finally, the initial takedown notices to Discord note that the platform should take “appropriate steps to prevent further infringement” by the named users and “any other parties responsible for the infringement.”

Discord’s “repeat infringer” policy is directly mentioned, meaning account suspensions remain a possibility for the specified users.

The remaining three DMCA lawsuits can be found here (1,2,3pdf)

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