1. Wish Upon A Star – Despite stargazing on a chilly winter night with Muffin the mule and Monty the mischievous monkey who builds a “star” out of “silver paper and cardboard” and Peregrine the penguin builds a “very strong telescope” to the point By studying the stars and seeing an alien that looks exactly like Willie the Worm, Louise teaches Lamb that all true desires must always be kept secret. Episode Animators: Brian Larkin, Paul Cowen

Louise’s Festival Plans

  1. The Festival – After Grace the giraffe receives a gramophone from the postman kangaroo, Louise the lamb decides to organize a festival in her garden. She invites everyone in the village, including Monty the cheeky monkey. But when Muffin agrees to help organize and prepare the party for Louise, Monty the Monkey hears it himself and after being tasked with delivering the invitations to everyone in Muffinham, he becomes overly curious and opens all six invitations while delivering them. and thus accidentally disorganize them. In the end, after Monty finally apologizes to all the other animals for (accidentally) mixing up all the party invitations, Morris and Doris Mouse and the other residents of Muffinham Village do their job and leave the party without chaos. Episode Animator: Laurent Grisel

Muffin’s Day Off

  1. Muffin’s Day Off – It’s a sunny spring day in Muffinham Village and Muffin the Mule is looking forward to a relaxing picnic in the woods. Unfortunately, almost all of Muffinham’s other residents need Muffin to help him solve all their problems. Monty the monkey can’t cross the raging river without help, Peregrine Falcon the penguin has lost his only blue “reading glasses”, Morris and Doris Mouse can’t decide whether to have red or pink roses at the front door of their straw house, and the hooves of Grace the Giraffe is purple instead of gray and black. Mulan Muffin comes to the rescue before sharing his afternoon picnic with all his friends including Monty the cheeky monkey. Episode Animators: Brian Larkin, Paul Cowen

No Place Like Home

  1. No Place Like Home – It’s a hot summer’s day in Muffinham Village and Morris and Doris Mouse are both planning a surprise for Peter the dog – with the help of Muffin, they’re going to build a brand new kennel for him and all his quirks to live in animal friends. But when Peter overhears Morris and Doris Mouse talking about his move, he mistakenly believes that they no longer want him to live with them in their thatched house and decides to live elsewhere in Muffinham anyway. But after first visiting Peregrine Falcon the penguin, then Grace the giraffe, then Louise the lamb, then Oswald the ostrich, Willie the worm and finally Monty the cheeky monkey, Peter the dog runs away and hides in the forest. In the end, it is Muffin the Mule who leads Peter to his new kennel not far from Morris and Doris’ farm and is relieved. Episode Animator: Chris Evans

Peregrine falcon helps

  1. Peregrine falcon helps – On a cold autumn day in Muffinham, 4 villagers are in trouble. A noisy seagull builds a nest on the lighthouse of Grace the giraffe,
  2. Relocation – Poor Oswald the Ostrich is dying to fly and Penguin Peregrine’s new slingshot launches him into the air faster than a bullet. Unfortunately, Oswald finds himself in Peter’s kennel without warning him. Peregrine is only trying to help, but despite babysitting Peter in his igloo, his actions also make Muffin homeless when that night the trailer he lives in rolls down the hill and Muffin himself is fast asleep on board, despite Muffin. suddenly, Morris and Doris forget armchairs, which Morris and Doris previously told Mouse Muffin were “falling to pieces”. Episode Animator: Mark Mason
  3. Who knows? – Things are always mysteriously disappearing in Muffinham Village, first Peregrine the Penguin’s best pencil, Louise the Lamb’s only hair curler, then Morris Mouse’s shovel and finally Willie the Cunning Worm. Unfortunately, it turns out that “a thief trap” that Peregrine eventually invented isn’t really necessary, only because Muffin the Mule Peregrine then tells Penguin that there never really was a thief and that Peter was the only Hound trying to keep things safe all the time by just burying them underground. Episode Animator: Les Gibbard

Oswald’s Garden Party

  1. Oswald’s Garden Party – Oswald the ostrich is planning a big garden party for all his friends in Muffinham Village and he wants to grow everyone’s favorite food. Unfortunately, his big, clumsy feet accidentally crush all the seeds and plants. Willie the worm does his best to help and together with his other worm friends finds a very good solution: soft, crumbly compost. Episode Animator: Mark Mason
  2. Oswald’s Big Egg – It’s a warm spring day in Muffinham Village, but Monty the monkey is desperate for someone in Muffinham to bake him a cake, despite Willie the Worm urging him to scare away some hungry crows. Oswald de Ostrich’s garden. Episode Animator: Chris Evans

Muffin’s Photoshoot

  1. Muffin’s Photoshoot – Mulan Muffin decides to take some photos of all her friends, although Grace the giraffe takes a quick shower near the nearby beach to look perfect for the special occasion and Louise the lamb wants Grace’s sparkly necklace, which she unfortunately loses, but Peregrine the penguin eventually finds it stuck in an old leaf blower, along with several fallen tree leaves, which he kindly lends to Morris and Doris Mouse, although he ultimately unsuccessfully tries to use the machine himself to empty it when it finally is full of fallen tree leaves. Episode Animator: Barry Parker
  2. Muffin’s Mules United – Muffin the Mule keeps fit by jumping rope and everyone in the village of Muffinham wants to know how they can participate and get fit too. “Team sports” is the answer, so Muffin forms his own soccer team called Muffin’s Mules United. But during their very first training session, Muffin and friends realize they don’t have a goalkeeper, so they try to talk exercise-shy giraffe Grace into going between the goalposts – but she’s just not up for the extra effort. But when Peter the dog runs off the soccer field, Grace the giraffe gets him back and when she does, she’s the star player on Muffin’s soccer team and all is well. Episode Animator: Mark Mason
  3. Apple Pie Delivery – It’s a chilly autumn day in Muffinham Village and Monty the monkey steals some apples from Morris Mouse’s tree. Muffin and Morris Mouse hatch spooky plans to catch the thief, although Louise the Lamb plans to go to Grace the Giraffe’s lighthouse for tea and must put on her best side. Doris Maus, on the other hand, wants to bake homemade apple pie for everyone else in the village, which she ends up doing. Episode Animators: Brian Larkin, Paul Cowen

Characters in the TV Series “Muffin the Mule”

The “English” shortbread variety is of British or other European origin and dates from at least the early 18th century, while quickbread originated in North America in the 19th century. Both species are now widespread throughout the world.

Grace the Giraffe (voiced by Maria Darling) – Louise’s best friend with a soft, light English accent who lives in a lighthouse near Muffinham Beach and is incredibly elegant with her long neck and long eyelashes. Grace is very good friends with Louise, but when they go for a walk in Muffinham village (or the surrounding area) they always make sure the other looks good. Although Grace’s age is not clear, Grace loves nothing more than chatting with her friends “ruminating” over a cup of tea and a really good muffin – the edible kind.
Monty the Monkey (voiced by Sue Elliott Nicholls) – Muffin’s first friend with a memorable British accent who not only lives in a tree house but also has pink ears and can often wreak havoc around the village. The accidents that Monty sometimes causes are a constant threat to Muffinham’s peace. If chaos or an accident breaks out anywhere in the village of Muffinham, there’s always a good chance Monty won’t be far away.
Morris Mouse (voiced by David Holt) – One of Monty’s neighbors with a memorable upper-class English accent who lives in a thatched house with his wife, Doris Mouse. He loves digging his potato patch and gardening and, unlike Muffin, is always eager to solve problems.
Doris Mouse (voiced by Maria Darling) – Morris Mouse’s wife with a childish English accent who lives in the thatched house near the Muffinham Village orchard.
Episodes (TV series 2005-2011)


A 19th-century source links “muffins” to Greek bread “maphula” or Old French “mou-pain” corrupted to “Muffin.” source suggests that “muffins” may be related to the Greek bread “maphula”, a “cake baked on a stove or The word first appears in print in 1703 in the spelling moofin;[2] it is of uncertain origin but possibly derives from the Low German muff, where the plural of muffe means a small cake, or possibly with a connection to the Old French meaning of mufflet soft, which one says of bread.[3][4] The phrase “Muffin-Man”, meaning a peddler of muffins, is attested in a 1754 poem that contains the line: “Listen! the shrill Muffin-Man, his Carol plies…”[4]

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